A little about me...
I am a mosaic artist based in Toronto, Canada, but I was born and raised in the mining town of Sudbury Ontario where my parents owned a sign manufacturing business, now managed by my brothers. Growing up, it was normal to find me playing in the shop, not the office, either gathering scrap metals, trying to make neons with my dad, or attempting hand lettering. I always loved being creative, in some form or another, but I have also been passionate about environmental issues for as far back as I can remember. This led to a formal education in the fields of Geography, Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies, and then many years working in GIS-based positions, within well-respected environmental organizations. It is after becoming a mom that I began to explore my artistic side once again. That's when I discovered mosaics... and I haven't looked back. Well, sometimes I look back... 

I grew up with the value “waste not, want not”, which mostly meant being frugal, but as an adult, it evolved into an appreciation for our finite natural resources and a growing awareness of our consumerism. These beliefs have translated into upcycling materials and objects into my art, that would otherwise be thrown out. As a result, I mix unconventional materials, such as leftovers from ceramics and manufacturing processes, discarded plastics, and natural elements, with more traditional mosaic materials like glass and marble.
As a mixed-media mosaic artist, inspiration often comes from the medium itself, rather than the medium being a means to an end. My process involves searching the floors and driveways of metal recycling centres, ceramic studios, and my family’s sign company, lakeshores, sidewalks… If an object speaks to me, and can be glued down, it’s fair game! I then let the materials guide me and support the message I am trying to convey. Although predominantly abstract, my mosaics are an expression of my most cherished values, emotions and memories.

If you have a question about a piece, a workshop idea or would like to request a commission, I would love to hear from you!
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